Dear Prospective Student,

Los Fernandos School is my own personal initiative that I bring to you. I am a native Nicaraguan and have a range of work experience from librarian to nurse to eco-lodge administator. I have traveled worldwide and have studied other languages. I bring these diverse expeirences to making sure Los Fernandos School is a fine institution and offers its students personalized packages that are just right. The school operates on site and was equipped with instructional materials and a staff of four educated teachers, all trained in methods of teaching non-native speakers. The maximum student-teacher ratio of 3:1 allows for instruction tailored to your specific needs. 

I hope you will be as charmed as I am with my town of San Ramon and that you will join us at Los Fernandos School where we can ensure personalized Spanish language instruction and the warmest hospitality.

Warmest Regards,


Director, Los Fernandos School